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Marco Verducci Eng.

Via della Pace 277 62100 Macerata (MC) Italy

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13 Dic 2011
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extra electronics receives the innovation award 2011 by councelor Sara Giannini from the Marche region.

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extra sas was born in 2011 after a long experience acquired by the partners in the field of lighting, electronics and energy saving.

World markets are looking for new products requiring low expenditure of energy and low environmental impact but the products now available are not able to cope with these requirements giving a false image of all the real possibilities offered by LED technology.

The need of giving the right approach to LED lighting and offering effectively valuable products has driven us to make lighting units based on our own design ensuring unrivalled quality in.

Green economy, who benefits

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Nowadays we are talking about green energy, consumption decrease as something utopistic. We don't realize that if we everyday make the right choices we do benefit from them not only having a better environment to live in but also an important decrease of consumption expenses...

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Lighting units

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To have at your disposal the latest units available on the market, to start from a well grounded basis in order to develop new projects, to care for quality, elegance and long lasting products. This is what marks out our work so that we can give our customers the best attainable products.

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Photovoltaic and aeolic systems

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If you want to set up a photovoltaic plant or to receive further information about home energy production using solar pannels or solar heating and aeolic systems, we will answer your questions and give advice for the best solution choosing the right one among the proposals of our business associates